When seeds fail to grow it is often at the fault of the sower. Common mistakes in planting seeds are planting depth, cold soil, over watering and improper soil preparation.

The idea of seeds and their growth in reference to the bible is often represented by the parable of the sower (Matt 13). The concept of soil environments and how well one can grow in life with the spirit is well adapted to our own environments, including the people, places and material we surround ourselves with.

Bad seeds can also be planted in good environments producing the same result, which is death. Bad seeds are planted all the time and brushed aside as a type of collateral damage, because of their inability to affect good, germinating seeds.

But what if bad seeds were allowed to grow and produced bad plants, that affected other plants and made them bad too, leading to death.  Then we would have an epidemic problem. This is the same rampant phenomenon that takes place when bad seeds are planted in our brain.

1 Chornicles 21 discusses the Lords wrath on Israel, because of David’s disobedience in taking a census of Israel’s army. The concept of taking a census was not the point of Gods anger; it was the lack of trust David had in the Lord to supply the power for Israel’s army (like he had in the past) to defeat its enemies.

Satan brings about this kind of thinking in all of us. His ability to captivate our thoughts and steam roll justifications of bad ideas that embolden us to go at things on our own and not by walking with him.  Satan battles against your faith, body and relationships (Mark 4:15) with a resilience that will negatively affect good thoughts and ideas.

This is often caused by self-advancement or self-pride for the wants of Earthly things and not of those provided by the Kingdom. To overcome Satan’s relentless attack on all things good, we must be firmly planted in good environments, good soil, and not grow cold. The proper amount of soil preparation and inputs must be supplied daily and routinely to produce the type of fruit that is proper for our King. This takes persistence and a constant walk and conversation with the Lord. This race takes endurance, because it will never end. The attack on our souls on this Earth is for the eternity of it. This attack while we are here on Earth will never stop.

This type of race reminds me of doing endurance events and responding to people’s astonishment at completing such tasks. I would always tell them it’s easy, you just keep on moving and don’t stop. The problem with this answer is it is a bit facetious, because it’s not easy and it requires a lot of work.

The same can be said for a constant relationship and conversation with our Lord. It too is not easy and it too requires a lot of work, because of the distractions provided by Earthly things and desires brought about by Satan.

However, planting good seeds and yourself in good environments with good conditions, can often produce good and beautiful fruits. Producing such fruits can help move you forward with a constant relationship with our Lord and regularly provide you with PR (personal record) results. God bless and keep moving!

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