“We believe in the Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the Word of God, and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.” Evangelical Community Covenant Affirmations We believe is a communal declaration in a shared truth. We are stronger together than I is apart.  We, is intimate. A short word study […]

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Same as it Ever Was

The purpose of God’s mission since the fall and throughout Genesis is universal in scope and global in audience . After the fall, flood and dispersion at the Tower of Babel, God spoke all encompassing messages of salvation (Gen 3:15, 9:17, 12:1-3). Gods seeks to restore relationships.  For this purpose God chose one man and […]

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Shortfall into Surplus

Comrade, Thank you for your insights and thoughtful question about resource abuse.  Regaining trust is one of the hardest things to do in any relationship.  When trust is damaged or lost between two parties, I feel it is most important to discuss the vision of the organization.  Re-evaluating if everyone is still on board with the same objectives […]

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Comrades, Thank you for your response and challenging questions. Pertaining to the last two years of my life, I will try to give one example of effective communication management that may apply to a lot of intercultural ministries. I will also add, that I have grown up with a family involved in missions in South […]

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Diamonds in the Rough

Comrade, thank you for sharing such a personal experience with your current situation.  Maintaining relationships with the people someone supports, while not being able to financially provide for them in a timely manner would be heartbreaking. I have worked in similar environments before, like when an organization was 1-2 months late on paying their employees.  The […]

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Comrade, you have an incredible calling on your heart to bridge people from different cultures together in Christ. While listening and reading through the PP provided this week, I too was encouraged by the reminder that the church/we/I do not own the missio dei, but that we are invited to participate. In regards to concerns […]

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Ideally, the media would be a truth-telling avenue of the news with less emphasis on entertainment. This would instigate thoughtful personal analyst of facts and lead people into thinking more critically. The further the media slants itself into any opinionated direction, the less informed people become. However, I think this has started to play out […]

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What’s Effective

As globalization is no longer optional for organizations and offers great opportunities that may be unrecoverable if not capitalized on now, how do we best align/globalize with other organizations? I agree that being effective through expanded markets, increased resources, lower costs and greater capital leads to global success. Also, being flexible and keeping up with […]

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Ethics is not just about what an organization does, it’s who an organization is. Encompassing an organization on societal, organizational and personally accepted practices focused on the needs and desires of society creates the greatest opportunity for sustainable profitable organizations. With NPO’s,  Resource Abuse is commonly an issue, but not in the obvious sense.  Not that NPO’s commonly […]

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My name is Jesse Brown and I am originally from Kansas City. About two years ago I was sent out as an “involuntary” missionary to South Africa. Since then, I have been blessed to be able to work with various organizations using my agricultural background as an avenue to participate in missions. God has blessed […]

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