At Times, My Name is Jonah

And Jonah stalked to his shaded seat and waited for God to come around to his way of thinking. And God is still waiting for a host of Jonah’s in their comfortable houses [places] to come around to his way of loving. Thomas Carlisle Experience trumps training, but it is training. Cardoza-Orlandi contributes Chapter 6 […]

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Give ’em Something to Talk About

Mother in Israel: A Familiar Figure Reconsidered  A Précis, by Jesse Brown Common literary synopsis of the Old Testament (OT) exuberates a woman’s role being significant on the basis of childbirth. However, close examination reveals something different. Although the quantity of text signifying the importance of women may not amount that of patriarchs, their qualitative […]

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Battle Cry

First and foremost, I seek to follow God in all His ways through prayer, reading of Scripture and discernment. This is constantly evolving and as apart of fallen creation I often fail, but seek transformation and believe in reconciliation and salvation through Jesus Christ. I have been an addict and spent two and half years […]

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Creation Theories

Biblical authors interests predominantly rest in Adam and Eve being representatives of all humanity. Questions raised by science (e.g. genetic evolution) that compete with the creation story in Genesis (Gen), can be integrated by an archetypal view of Adam and Eve. Whereas, Adam and Eve through biblical genealogies are individual created beings, this is not […]

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Lament Lamenting?

“It takes a strong and covenantal faith to scream at God.” This point made in a lecture this week was one of the most engaging for me by relating to where I feel God has been taking my faith. Over the last few years my conversations with God have gone from being afraid of asking for things to specifically […]

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Undertone Implications

Most engaging and troubling for me while listening to lecture 3.1 was the misinterpretations of the OT concerning dominion throughout Genesis chapter 2.  Being a part of the agricultural industry I have much to learn from a biblical perspective about ideal dominion over the earth and its resources.  How the interpretation of the word “dominion” […]

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Why We Read OT

Israel’s history and witness to their experience are of interest because we read as communities who seek to experience the same God. Reading the Old Testament (OT) as scripture suggests our stories are interconnected and have transformative power for our communities and us (Birch, Brueggemann, Fretheim, Petersen, 2005).  I appreciate the presentation that while reading the […]

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Lost in Translation

Reflecting on my current situation after listening through some weekly postings, I find myself focusing on culture and its influence on interpreting the Pentateuch. The lectures closing arguments that “if you get creation wrong, you’ll mess up redemption,” keeps running through my brain. While sharing Gods Word in ancestral worship communities, there are common misconceptions communicated […]

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Most engaging for me during a lecture over hermeneutics this week was the archeological historical evidence of the decoding stone of hieroglyphics from Greek, the “coincidental” finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Luther’s printing press. With these events I had revelation in Gods transcending voice throughout history and His Word. The decoding stone of hieroglyphics […]

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