Revved Up Like a Deuce

Would you consider Paul’s Damascus road experience a call, conversion or both? When reading this weeks Journal question the first thing that stands out to me is that what Paul would have called his Damascus experience is probably much different than what I would call it, mainly because of several personal, temporal and spatial limiting […]

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Vital Signs

Gregory of Nyssa’s Unity of the Trinity | Constant Agreement  Gregory of Nyssa’s primary argument concerns the Unity and distinctiveness of the Trinity. On account of the Trinity, there is a distinction in three parts (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), but on account of Unity held with Divine essence, there is a constant agreement of relationship.  […]

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Contrasting the Fruit of Dionysus and Christ

Dionysus is the Greek God of wine, fertility, theater and religious ecstasy. All four represented as pillars in Greek culture, Dionysian cults grew as Greek mythology and Hellenization spread throughout the Mediterranean. Being the only Greco-Roman god to have been mortal and then become immortal after death, Dionysus draws many parallels to Christ, parallels and […]

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Can Truth be Found

Andrews and Burke’s (2014) purpose for encouraging individuals to actively engage historically through utilizing different analysis is to obtain a better understanding of histories complexities. Being able to identify, research and analyze each of the 5 C’s separately and connectively in relation to history provides ample opportunity for gaining insight and empathy from the past […]

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Get real / Get personal

One way of defining leadership is to examine its outcomes. Some outcomes of leadership are getting people to work together and follow directives.  Leadership produces an outflow from a group of people adherent to the leaders vision.  Leaders instill “the why” of what people are doing, making a personal connection with their followers, leading to overall buy […]

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Blessings, Wilderness, Testing, and Promised Land (Numbers: part 1 of 3)

A response to the question: from surveying the book of Numbers, what are some intertextual connections for the Church? Following Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt, God provides Moses with a priestly blessing, offering peace for the journey and a continuation of His divine promises for Israel (Num 6:22-27). For the church this corresponds to our […]

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From Oppression to Revelation (Part 3 of 3)

A response to the question: How do African and Latin perspectives of Exodus influence the church? Latin and African perspectives both proclaim the Exodus story speaks to all people throughout mankind. Each perspective expresses the unifying character of God bringing people out of oppression to liberation. God’s character and divine power recorded in Scripture is the […]

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Holy or Wholly Abolished

Embracing the Law: A Biblical Theological Perspective A précis, by Jesse Brown Tensions arise when discerning consistency in regard to the law between the Old (NT) and New Testaments (NT). However, continuity of the law with all Scripture is rectified when grounded in Gods incremental revelations throughout history, explaining His will for increasing societal bonding […]

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