Happy Mothers Day (a divorced kid perspective)

So I’ve never done this before, but I often tell people I’ll try anything once and for those that know me well, lol, smh and ha. Additionally, I have a seminary final exposition due next Friday, so writing/talking on one subject for the last week and the next is starting to bog me down. What I am about to do has been personally controversial for many years, and it is my hope this will break down some internal walls that I have allowed to be built, lets just be honest, by evil forces. Duh duh, duh duh. Get your lifesavers ready!

So it’s Mothers Day, a day that I love, a day that I anticipate and look forward to. An economical boosting holiday like many others created by Hallmark most likely to sell more greeting cards, but hey I’m from Kansas City so that’s cool.

Anyway, here it is. I’m from a divorced family and in a way grew up with two mothers. Which is true, but like Mothers Day, just saying I have two Mother’s is hard to say. I almost feel like I’m betraying one by accepting the other or crossing some sort of boundary by expressing love for both openly.

This, I’ve come to find out is non-sense and not from a good place. Not being able to express love in any form is non-sense. Like Nike (unfortunately not form KC), “Just Do It.”

So this is it. I Love you! I love you for so many things different and alike. I love you for never being scared of relationship. I love you for always standing beside me and encouraging me, regardless of what others thought or even if my actions were counter to what you may have hoped for. You have given me such an enduring, everlasting, unbreakable love that I get overwhelmed when I think about all the things you have done for me and all the things that are from you in what I do. Like Gods love, when I think about your love, and dwell on it for 5, 10, 15 seconds, I eventually break into joyful tears.

Being in your presence. Oh, how I love being in your presence. The concern, the questions, the emotion, oh how sweet it is. The consequences of spending time with a mother most likely includes a lot of advice and maybe a “little” pressure, but like Romans 8:28, always works out for good. Because she loves me, and because she earnestly seeks for my well being. And yes, this is challenging. But throughout the year and on Mothers Day, God constantly reminds me it’s for my own darn good, my dear child (Heb 12:6).

This makes it easy. This makes it easy to understand that this is okay. It’s okay to express love to those in your life that express so much love to you, privately, publically, and emotionally. So my challenge (oh my gosh that’s so church scene 2010) is to be open to all the Mothers in your life and say thank you, say I love you. Listen to God. Don’t listen to the carnal world with its hierarchy, judgment and social status updating. Yes, God judges, and He is the head, as well as the cornerstone, and yes He doesn’t “like” divorce, but don’t let that keep you from expressing love today. Don’t let that hold you back from expressing appreciation or reciprocating love to others.

Theologically speaking there are so many mothers in my life and I cannot fathom the influence you have all had. Sometimes, the world we live in tells me it’s not okay to even attempt to consider the love shown to me by you all. This either breaks down by bloodlines, skin color or culture (ie social status) and tells me these things are distinct and separate. They tell me that love means more when expressed to one, than another. But that cannot be true, because love is love, and God is love and He is the great I Am, within us, around us and everywhere all the time.

But that’s the consequence of being public, the possibility of leaving someone out, with the consequence of possible critique. But when we consider this and such judgment, where does the judgment stand? Where does it hold up when put alongside what God is calling us to do?

And that’s my two-pronged (gotta get a buzz word in) message, the answer to those two questions. Don’t let your environment restrict an expression of Gods love and don’t let the possibility of letting someone else down, keep you from lifting someone else up (serious soaking emotional pause).

It’s Mothers Day, so see, share, smell the flowers and enjoy. Listen to Gods voice and act.

Happy Mother’s Day!






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