“Any thought that does not inspire hope is rooted in a lie.” Bill Johnson

“Any thought that does not inspire hope is rooted in a lie.” Bill Johnson

Talking to yourself is a good thing.  It’s been shown that what psychologist call “good self-talk,” as opposed to “bad self-talk” improves self-esteem, memory, and general quality of life.

Bad self-talk is well, just bad. I think anybody can agree with that. However, the double whammy for believers is that the Holy Spirit is within in us and Jesus poured out his blood for us, so that we may be renewed in body, mind and with his spirit. Therefore, anything that you are saying about yourself, you’re saying about him.

When we are born again we are truly one with Christ. Paul starts off Romans 8 by showing us that we have undergone radical transformation by asking Jesus Christ into our lives. Paul goes on to say that before this transformation we had minds of the flesh and were destined to death, but now we are of the Spirit and the Spirit is life and peace.

Please go on to read the rest of Chapter 8 if you wish. It is an incredibly comforting and reassuring chapter. The significance of this oneness with Christ cannot be overstated.  So why is this oneness often lost when we talk down to ourselves and constantly assault ourselves with bad self-talk? It’s because of the unseen spiritual warfare going on around us. This includes constant assaults waged on us by forces that want our destiny to be death.

Sounds scary, well it is. These forces attack our personhood and call us hopeless, they question our motives and call us selfish, they question our abilities and call us inept and they also call us unworthy of being one with Christ and cast doubts on our relationship with him.

Apostle John says in Revelation 12:10 that “the accuser of our brethren…who accuses them before our God day and night.” This is the perpetual reality we live in and this is the situation of all believers. A smart man once told me “God opens one door and closes another, but it’s hell in the hallway,” and that it is, but only if we allow the demons in.

When Paul says (Ephesians 4:23) “be renewed in the Spirit of your mind,” he is saying that by being born again we have the ability to think from the Spirit of our mind. Conversely, if we are not speaking of the Spirit, we are speaking under the influence of the same evil forces waged against us. Don’t let this happen. Be aware of the battle and the forces going on around us in the Spirit world and speak against the ones speaking against you. Develop strategies to counter these attacks and improve your self-talk, because anything you are saying about yourself, you are saying about him and “anything that does not inspire hope is a lie.” Stop believing the lies, for we are one with the Spirit and have found life and peace forever, Amen.

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