Every Believer

So, these things are hard to keep up with. To my two readers out there I sincerely apologize, but we have been hunting. Actually, that’s a pretty lame excuse and if you’ve been by my side the last week you’d know better, as of course I have had time to put a few words on paper, but alas I did not. So here I will try. I want to expand on my botched effort at poetry with my last post and where it came from. I often think about how far we (mostly I) have fallen from Christ. How rough we all are on the inside and how sharp we can be, whether it is with our tongue or with our hardened hearts. Why can’t we open up, trust and have faith in the word of God. I often think about the apostles and how they all abandoned god at one time or another and doubted he was indeed the Son of God and lord over the earth and all things. While he was preforming miracles before their eyes, they doubted. While he was walking on water and turning water to wine they doubted. However, while reading these passages and reflecting on history it is far too easy to judge.

Of course these individuals had doubts, of course they had moments of disbelief. How often do I shy away from being a believer and transforming to the daily norms of earthly surroundings, because I don’t want to be judged by those around me? How often do I choose to be judged by men of Earth and not God?

How often do we pray in public, how often do we pray when we are out in a restaurant before a meal? Why is it often so necessary and down right obligatory for a person or family to pray in the home, but when out in public it is not even a consideration. Is this the word of God, did God say it’s not okay to proclaim his name and our belief in him in public. When I think of this, which I often do (as I love to eat out) I always think of Peter. How often is he used as an example for disbelief and betrayal? And how often do people scoff and say that would have never been me. While I’ll tell you it probably would have been and while we’re afraid that farmer Joe blow from across the street will see us and our crazy family of believers praying to God in public, at least Peters life was probably on the line. Here are the Sadducees, Pharisees, and a crowd of angry spectators. All with blood in their eyes about to crucify a man and anyone whom will proclaim him to be the king of the Jews, so I’d say that’s a little more pressure to buckle under than neighbor Joe’s Sunday morning scrawl from his John Deere, while we’re pulling out of the driveway for church.

BTW, I’d like to thank my nephews and niece for the killer Superman T’ that I wear often. Fist pump!

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