Freedom struggle, an Independence Day post.

For freedom did Christ set us free: stand fast therefore, and be not entangled again in a yoke of bondage. Gal 5:1

Dozens of ideas, but so many snares. This is the yoke around my neck. In the beginning of chapter five in Galatians, Paul is discussing the rigorous demands of the OT law and how it enslaves God’s people. Thus, giving them the inability to be free and express their faith through Love.

My yoke is the perception of success and accomplishment in society. This is the law of the land. The size of the church, the number in attendance and the scope of your outreach are all measures of success in the church or any business plan. Falling short of these measures results in a loss of funding, following and support.

More individually, the loss that I speak of is my sense of following Christ and knowing whether I am on his path or trying to go my own way. My loss is not observing the work that I can do for Christ in all aspects of my life and in every interaction. Therefore, the snares that I trap myself in and hold myself to are man and self created. Creating these traps and hurdles for others or ourselves is exactly what Christ wanted to free us from.

The law needed a new order and society needed a new way to become truly free. This is why Jesus was sent for all of us. The new way for society was through Christ and the new law was expressing Christ’s love in all that we do. This was enabled by the Holy Spirit becoming a part of us through a belief in Christ. This is Christ within us and all around us.

How powerful it must be to see God’s creation in everyone. How effective would our communication be if we never fell short of this observation? Jesus saw his Fathers creation in everyone and this is what enabled him to treat every action and interaction with his Fathers purpose.

This Fourth of July I pray for freedom for all mankind. I pray for a free mind, a free heart and a free purpose to share God’s love with others. I feel to be fully capable of sharing God’s love; we must also be willing to share it with ourselves. To be truly free, we must know that the Holy Spirit is within us and can be ignited in all of those around us.

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