Diamonds in the Rough

Comrade, thank you for sharing such a personal experience with your current situation.  Maintaining relationships with the people someone supports, while not being able to financially provide for them in a timely manner would be heartbreaking.

I have worked in similar environments before, like when an organization was 1-2 months late on paying their employees.  The most difficult part outside of observing some of the families struggle financially during this time was the internal reputation degradation that took place.  The conversations were relatively negative between employees and this spread not only throughout the organization, but also the surrounding communities.  As the weeks went on, dishonest practices began to spread, like abusing traveling reports and reported hours.  What started with reputation degradation, almost immediately extended to mismatches between values of the employees and organization (Cialdini, Petrova and Goldstein, 2004).

When being in leadership roles it is hard to stay positive during situations that are negatively impacting the people you are providing support.  Especially, when you have little to no control over the situation.  However, trying to be positive and emotionally supportive during these times, can help maintain relationships that are vital to the organization. I say this sadly from not having been very good at this in the past.  I am prayerful you and your organization will get through this transition and for Gods glory to shine through.

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