Battle Cry

First and foremost, I seek to follow God in all His ways through prayer, reading of Scripture and discernment. This is constantly evolving and as apart of fallen creation I often fail, but seek transformation and believe in reconciliation and salvation through Jesus Christ. I have been an addict and spent two and half years of life incarcerated. I have owned and operated two small businesses, grown them and watched them come apart, because of my addiction. I have graduated from University with BS and MS degrees in agriculture. I have taught science and agriculture at University. I have been a missionary for two years. I have fallen and gotten up again. I know that will continue to happen, but I am faithful in Jesus’s message of reconciliation and reformation. These moments have most significantly happened by working in missions. I want to encourage others to do to the same. I want to encourage people into missions and motivate them to follow Christ in this way. I want my life to reflect people into their own personal relationship with Christ.

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