Call Me Maybe?

Most engaging for me was the presentation of Genesis 17, which speaks to the discussion between God and Abraham about Gods renewed and increased covenant. This covenant included a blessing for Ishmael and Hager, and one of election and blessing for a son to be named Isaac born from Sarah. The back and forth discussion reminds me of the number of times God has called me throughout my life and I’ve ignored Him. The minimalist approach Abraham often has with his calling is reflected in how I continue to respond in situations of trial and pressure in the mission field. Taking the easy way out or one that makes since in my context, is similar to Abraham laughing at a suggestion that God will give him a son through Sarah. “Abraham’s response is to laugh and say well that’s ridiculous, why just not bless Hagar and get it done with.   You know, the same Hagar I told Sarah to get rid of if she wanted too. God steps in and says enough, this is how its gonna be (my interpretation).   My point is that God will keep on calling. He will keep on ringing the phone even if we don’t pick up. He called me numerous times over many years into ministry, and I’m so glad I finally picked up the phone. I continue to have back and forth discussions, when often times I communicate distrust and lack of commitment to God, but the back and forth happens more often, and He continues to show me great things (Jeremiah 33:3).

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  1. And there are more Covenants to come and despite how they were broken God kept calling.

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