Khesed for All Creation

While presently living and spending time as a missionary, hearing “Gods strategy changes, but his intention does not” during the audio presentations helped me bind the presentations together and reveal to me that faithful truth.

Personally, the most engaging element of the presentation was the conversation built around Deut 5:3, with emphasis on how God interacts with all of His people through the Holy Spirit (HS) by reading and interacting with His Living Word (2 Tim 3:16-17).

Trying to understand the diachronic approach of pulling together the Scriptures over time is a bit troubling. The concern for me is as one reads through the Holy Bible without a relationship with the HS, it is often critiqued to the point of being disregarded as fictitiously put together and manipulated.

Nevertheless, as His Living Word has been established through time it is constant in the message of Gods desire for a relationship with and His khesed for all creation. While living as a missionary over the last couple of years this truth not only has been revealed to me by the HS, but faithfully through His word, over and over again.

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