Ideally, the media would be a truth-telling avenue of the news with less emphasis on entertainment. This would instigate thoughtful personal analyst of facts and lead people into thinking more critically. The further the media slants itself into any opinionated direction, the less informed people become.

However, I think this has started to play out in the media today, albeit not traditional sources. More people are starting to use a variety of sources instead of what’s on television, including online news and editorials from around the world. Inevitably, most news sites are going to channel their reports under an attenuated umbrella. This helps them target a specific demographic, leading to loyal returning customers/viewers.

Some problems that may arise when the government or independent sources (who finances them?) start to monitor and select what is news worthy, who defines what is truth and who decides what gets reported. If a story is collectively decided to be true, who then gets to decide if it’s news worthy?

If monitoring the news stays the responsibility of the consumer, they can answer these questions on their own, they just may have to work harder finding the facts.

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