What’s Effective

As globalization is no longer optional for organizations and offers great opportunities that may be unrecoverable if not capitalized on now, how do we best align/globalize with other organizations? I agree that being effective through expanded markets, increased resources, lower costs and greater capital leads to global success. Also, being flexible and keeping up with technological advancements are necessities to achieving capitalization on this contemporary challenge.

However, I feel at the heart of any organization should be why they do what they do. It is from why, to how an organization does things (like effectiveness) that best capitalizes in a globalizing business world. In other words, why an organization does something will impact organizations effectiveness more than anything else. Conversely, being effective is not necessarily why organizations exist. A great video you may have seen on this topic is an old TED talk by Simon Sinek (https://youtu.be/sioZd3AxmnE). I feel this best describes why aligning the “why” of organizations while working together has the best opportunity to capitalize now in a globalized business world.

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  1. I like the Why factor and as important as that is to developing a product within a specific geographic area the Why may vary from one part of the globe to another. It takes a good listner and a knowledgable regional partner to help you adapt your Why to the environment you are attempting to expand into. Although they were extremely popular i

    t took the Wright Bros., Simon’s example of Why, some time to locate the proper partner in Europe prior to finding success.

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