Shortfall into Surplus


Thank you for your insights and thoughtful question about resource abuse.  Regaining trust is one of the hardest things to do in any relationship.  When trust is damaged or lost between two parties, I feel it is most important to discuss the vision of the organization.  Re-evaluating if everyone is still on board with the same objectives and where you want to go is vital.  If common ground can still be reached on a unifying vision, some members or all  should take responsibility for the issues that led to mistrust.

Developing a “list” of needs and explaining shortfalls within an organization to outside donors are important for recovering and preventing resource abuse.  Having a board that knows where their shortfalls are and can explain them well helps donors empathize with organizations needs. Bringing together a board made up of independent thinkers with diverse talents/backgrounds and perspectives, that stays engaged with the week-to-week decision making of the organization is critical.

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