Same as it Ever Was

The purpose of God’s mission since the fall and throughout Genesis is universal in scope and global in audience . After the fall, flood and dispersion at the Tower of Babel, God spoke all encompassing messages of salvation (Gen 3:15, 9:17, 12:1-3). Gods seeks to restore relationships.  For this purpose God chose one man and his vagabond family to travel the Fertile Crescent, so all the families of the earth may be blessed.  While on this journey Gods continual message to Abraham and his descendants is to “proclaim” His plan to bless all the nations (Gen 12:3), “participate” in His priesthood in order to be agents of His blessing (Ex. 19:4-6), and to “prove” this purpose by serving (Ps. 67).

Gods designed plan to send Abraham and His descendants throughout the world is God working in mission.  By bringing forth such a journey He chose a man and a family that would endeavor to cohabitate with other nations.  This creates a model of serving in missions that looks exclusive for one group, but proved inclusive to all who trust and believe (fear the lord).  This inclusiveness is not just expressed through Jesus Christ to gentiles, but throughout the Old Testament with people like Adam, Noah, Jonah, Ruth, Ezra and the Ninevites (to name just a few).

Recovering relationship is why mission is done.  I learned this week that it has always been the heart of God to be in mission and His ultimate “business” since the fall.  We are chosen to participate in Gods mission by serving.  This makes Gods purpose of blessing all His creation known throughout the world.  Discerning Gods mission in our own lives requires us to continually evaluate what we are doing in light of Scripture, reflecting and critiquing our participation in His work.

2 thoughts on “Same as it Ever Was

  1. They may have been nomadic but Abraham and his descendants seemed to be people of means. How does that mesh with Jesus telling the young wealthy man to give it ALL up and follow him? I am of course not wealthy, nor have I given it all up. Sounds sort of like I am attempting to justify my life choices with God even though I know it is a pass, fail situation.

  2. Just thinking out loud, Jesus knew it was covetousness that was in the young rich mans heart that was keeping him from following God. It was not the fact that he had become rich. Abraham was blessed by being obedient (albeit not all the time) to God in keeping his covenant to be a blessing to all the nations. This obedience is displayed as Abraham and his descendants travelled throughout the Fertile Crescent (probably not ideal for a life of comfortable luxury), and probably climaxed when he obediently went to sacrifice his Isaac. Abraham was following God and was blessed in heavenly ways for a heavenly purpose. His life in no way seemed comfortable and easy. If a financially rich life leads to being comfortable within the lost world around us, we probably would be challenged by Jesus in the same way. By Jesus’s gift of salvation and eternal life made through the cross, we are directed by the Holy Spirit and His word with how we can best be obedient and a blessing to others. The command is to give our hearts and souls to God, letting Him direct us, not necessarily the money we may or may not have.

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