Lost in Translation

Reflecting on my current situation after listening through some weekly postings, I find myself focusing on culture and its influence on interpreting the Pentateuch. The lectures closing arguments that “if you get creation wrong, you’ll mess up redemption,” keeps running through my brain.

While sharing Gods Word in ancestral worship communities, there are common misconceptions communicated from our culture to theirs and within each. Within ancestral worship communities, there is emphasis on a theological narrative not focused on Gods creation being good. Additionally, commonly promoted is that man can’t have a personal relationship with God. God is looked at as someone too powerful or important to want a direct relationship with man. Regardless of the connection one tries to make with redemption and the new covenant made through Jesus, these new believers consistently reference the broken covenants between man and God, as well as God speaking through Israel’s patriarchs.

The result within these churches is a strict emphasis on the mosaic laws presented throughout the Pentateuch, with church (public/private) punishment and possible excommunication. This fear-based system starts out with a wrong theological perspective on Gods intended purposes during creation, and neglects to make inter-textual connections of redemption through Christ.

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