Most engaging for me during a lecture over hermeneutics this week was the archeological historical evidence of the decoding stone of hieroglyphics from Greek, the “coincidental” finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Luther’s printing press. With these events I had revelation in Gods transcending voice throughout history and His Word.

The decoding stone of hieroglyphics and discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls gave historical validity to some source and textual criticisms of the past. When these world-changing events of historical perspective occur, I feel God throwing rocks of personal relationship at His sheep and revealing Himself to all mankind. Grounded on the knowledge that relationship is desired and gifted by the Father pulls the Biblical texts together for His purposes. Luther’s invention of the printing press spurring on a revival of literacy with His people screams richly of Gods desire for relationship.

In my current situation of trying to show validity of the Holy Bible to non-believers, I should focus on the overarching theme of redemption and reconciliation of lost relationship throughout the texts. This takes the focus off myself and puts it directly on Him.

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  1. Archeaology is our friend and accurate evidence of both New and Old Testaments. The proof of history in the Bible helped lead me to Christ.

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