Lament Lamenting?

“It takes a strong and covenantal faith to scream at God.” This point made in a lecture this week was one of the most engaging for me by relating to where I feel God has been taking my faith. Over the last few years my conversations with God have gone from being afraid of asking for things to specifically crying out for them. Through this I have found transformation in many areas of my life. This transition has developed personally with God through identifying smaller units of biblical texts (like form and redaction criticism) and prayerful conversation. Specifically were reading the laments of David, a man after Gods own heart. Another example of the literary genre of lament is found in sections of Job. This story has also been a source of transformation for me in my prayer life, because even though Job laments his birth, state of being, and life, he does not forsake our God. Understanding that the final editing of this story included the first chapter, where the scene is a battle over Jobs mind and soul (not body), is the context of the story. The comments that laments are “raw” and challenge God, questioning Him for His decisions, spoke to me. A few years ago I would have lamented, lamenting to God in such a way, but now understand this can be carried out in faithful relationship leading to hearing Gods voice in Scripture and through prayer.

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