Undertone Implications

Most engaging and troubling for me while listening to lecture 3.1 was the misinterpretations of the OT concerning dominion throughout Genesis chapter 2.  Being a part of the agricultural industry I have much to learn from a biblical perspective about ideal dominion over the earth and its resources.  How the interpretation of the word “dominion” has changed in English connotation possibly affecting the responsible care for the earth was engaging.  I believed that dominion had more of an authoritative context and hadn’t considered enough the magnitude of responsibility that comes with the privilege of having dominion over the earth. The seemingly simple distinction that there is good and bad dominion resonates with me.  I appreciate the discernment that needs to take place in considering agricultural decisions that affect the interconnected micro and macro environments we work. Coinciding, I also understand how difficult these decisions are.  The Hebrew words avad (serve) and shamar (treasure, protect, guard) speak to me in a much different ways than to work or keep.  Taking a step back, evaluating English translations of the Hebrew words avad and shamar, and considering the connotations of all the translations better explains good dominion over our earth and resources from a biblical perspective.

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  1. Dominion according to Webster seems to be a more general term applied to a country or territory and related to governance. Your consideration for good or bad dominion follows along with good or bad governance and is like most opinions shaped by ones perspective based on ongoing life experiances and education.

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