Most engaging for me was the chiasmus of the pattern of trials in Exodus (Ch 14-17). The Lords provision of food and water after and before being delivered from the Egyptians and Amalekites reminded me that God provides through it all in abundant proportion. I appreciated the connection of remembering this story through camping.   On a personal note, while listening to this lecture I remembered that as a child after my mother went through a divorce that we went camping in the Rocky Mountains for a week climbing the mountains of White River Park. I believe during this time of tribulation for my mother and our family that she wanted to be reminded of Gods provision in the wilderness and find a safe space spending time with God and in appreciation of His provisions. This adventure and time in nature brought us back to the basics of life and appreciation for His creation. I will always remember bathing in the frigid cold water of the Fall Creek waterfalls in the afternoons and the daypack I carried that was twice as big as me. After we bathed in the rivers we always had food and a fire provided by my mother and our daypacks of course organized and filled by her with all that we would need for the week. I know that in my mom’s heart while she prepared and planned our whole trip that she knew it would be God planning and preparing in her heart what would be next in our lives.

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