Most engaging from the second lecture was the second half that focused on the FOTL. Over the last couple of years I have heard numerous people talk about how we are not supposed to FTL, but love Him. I have always felt that through the numerous appearances and spoken word of God in both testaments to FTL that this perspective was not in agreement with Scripture. It was emotional reading through the visual texts and their provided examples of Gods visible friendship and power. Connecting the FOTL with trusting in Him and that it is trust that brings us to accept His love for us. Psalm 40:2-3 provided in the visual text, I have also inscribed on a hand board that I made last year and go surfing with reminds me to FTL. Reading these verses while surfing causes me to reflect on my past and use those experiences to trust that He has delivered me and will continue to do so. This observance of deliverance and trust that He will continue to provide moves me into delighting in His presence and brings me to praise. Being out in the ocean waiting for and attempting to ride a wave or even getting pulled through an undertow always brings me to praise and worship His eternal power and companionship. His power is such that I cannot comprehend, but it is a power that I am blessed to have within. His friendship is one that I do not deserve, but that I enjoy every time I trust in Him enough the FTL. This is what brings me to delight and praise. This is the reflection and the simultaneous acceptance of His love for me.

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