“We believe in the Holy Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, as the Word of God, and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.” Evangelical Community Covenant Affirmations

We believe is a communal declaration in a shared truth. We are stronger together than I is apart.  We, is intimate. A short word study on we describes it as being close, near, warm, sympathetic, dear and cherished with and by one another.  By introducing our affirmation with we, we declare that we are together of the same family, united by Christ.

In the process of cutting an apple for my 10:00am snack the fruitation of We hit me.  I started thinking about how fragile and interconnected we all are.

Two quick thoughts.  One was what would happen if I cut myself while breaking the skin of the apple and the other was remembrance of when I learned how to use a knife “correctly” as a small boy in scouts.  If I had cut my self badly enough with the knife while cutting the apple, we….. would have to come together.  I would have called out for help and support in attending to the situation.  I would rely on the assistance of others.

In remembrance of learning how to use a knife in boy scouts, I remembered my scout leader.  In becoming leader of our troop, Mr. Williams gave up apart of himself to us as boys and to our families.  He shared himself with others, so that we could learn from him and the others in the group. We is communal.  We is shared learning in knowledge of truth.  We aren’t supposed to do it alone.

This word study helped me remember so many of you that have been there to help me understand what its like to walk with God.  I pray the we will continue to strive to walk with Him in community and finish strong.  I hope we all can remember that God is the only one who can create; I hope we stay connected by Him through Christ.

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